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A new office – and a new way of working

Recently, Palette HQ moved to an activity based office in the Stockholm city center. The new office is larger than our previous one and more importantly – it enables a more creative and dynamic way of working.
We wanted to create a modern, inspiring environment for our employees to work in with their various assignments. Our employees were involved in the entire process because our aim was to build the new office based on their needs.

We started the project by conducting a survey among our employees for finding out how our employees experienced their current working environment and what was missing. The survey results were used as a guideline in designing our new offices. During the process we ran a blog and website dedicated to the move and made sure to give feedback on any questions or concerns from our employees.

No day is like the other in a new office

Our new office has really changed our way of working. There is a new dynamic between both colleagues and departments within the company. The daily tasks work like a guideline for choosing the most suitable work station or area. Some tasks require peace and quiet, and sometimes it’s more beneficial to get inspiration from conversations and movement. No day is like the other.

We feel that we are now using our office space more efficiently than before. We have many employees working outside of the office with our customers either in sales meetings or in projects. Before there were many work stations that were reserved to each employee but not utilized on daily basis. Now all the office space and work stations are jointly shared.

New, yet old

Sustainability is one of our key values. Our solutions are helping customers around the world to significantly reduce paper consumption. We integrated sustainability to our new office environment as well and decided to use second hand furniture when furnishing our offices. Up to 90 percent of our office furniture is bought second hand and our old furniture was either donated away, recycled or sold further to other companies.

You are welcome to pay us a visit if you’re in the neighborhood! We’re located at Sveavägen 25, Stockholm, Sweden.

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