Simac Document Solutions

Simac Document Solutions and Palette initiated their partnership in 2008 and today Simac is one of the largest Palette resellers in Europe.

About Simac

Simac, founded in 1971, supplies high-quality technology to improve business processes of large and medium-sized organizations in Benelux and Central Europe. Simac employs around 1400 people in the Netherlands.

Experts in Accounts Payable and Purchase to Pay Automation

Simac Document Solutions is a subsidiary of Simac and specializes in Accounts Payable, Invoice Processing and Purchase-to-Pay Automation. They offer expertise in P2P, RPA, Order2cash and Document Management. Solutions are offered in the cloud, on-premise or as a service.

Simac sells, implements and supports Palette’s AP solution at large and medium-sized organizations in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. With more than 20 years of experience in AP and P2P automation, Simac has over 400 references in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, education, retail and healthcare.

The partnership

Peter Bouwmans, Managing Director at Simac Document Solutions explains:

“Most of our Palette customers were acquired thanks to our own effort and expertise. But when we need the experience from a senior product specialist, Palette has always offered support which has been very valuable for our business.” Peter continues: “The cooperation and relationship with Palette has always been good. Both parties have invested time and resources to reach business goals in our local markets.”

Customer needs are taken into account

Sebastian van Til, P2P consultant at Simac Document Solutions adds: “Sometimes our customers ask for a new functionality. We pass that on to Palette’s R&D team as a feature request. It’s nice to know that these ideas aren’t ignored. That makes Palette a good partner for us and our customers.”

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Flexible, Modular, Secure and Compliant

Improved structure for your supplier invoices

Maximize the automation of your invoice management by allowing the system to match invoices with purchase orders or contracts. Direct resources towards exceptions and free up time for higher-value work.

Save time and money for the entire organisation

Make it easier for both managers and employees to manage purchases, invoices, and expenses. Reduce your administration in the finance and purchasing departments.

Increased control and lower costs

When the purchase-to-pay process is automated, it’s easier to purchase the right product from the right supplier and for the right price. Approve the purchase order instead of the invoice and achieve full cost control before the purchase takes place!

Palette has always been helpful and provided us with business cases and customer references when needed. Thanks to their help and support we have closed many deals together.

Dico Harteman
Sales Manager at Simac Document Solutions

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